Sunday, September 16, 2012

debuting our new Lemon Chiffon Cake body whip and Pumpkin Pie bar soap

     Had another great turn out at The Shabby Cottage for their Chic Cottage Charm sale this week end. We're always slightly nervous at the beginning of the sale and then by the end (when the line is out the door, literally) we breathe a little easier. Their return customers never let us down and that says so much about the quality and integrity of their business. Faye and her girls are unmatched in the area for their high quality, custom furniture and their decor items are stunning as well. I'm so grateful that they chose me as their resident "soap lady".
     But enough about them, let's talk about me(ha,ha). At the sale we debuted our new whip and our new fall fragrance. The whip is a personal favorite for me as it is one of my favorite dessert references, lemon chiffon cake. This fragrance combination took a lot of tweaking. It had to be sweet enough and just tart enough. What we came up with is I hope just the right balance of rich decadent frosting and creamy, tart lemon cake. I think we did well...we sold out on day two. Our fall soap is a moisturizing goat's milk pumpkin pie soap. It has ground clove, nutmeg, and just a pinch of ginger in each bar. Because of the nature of this soap it is an exfoliating body bar while not being harsh or abrasive. It brings all of the fragrances of our favorite fall dessert right into your warm bubble bath. Imagine relaxing in a bath with our pumpkin pie soap, drinking some warm apple cider, with one of our new candles burning beside you (more on that to come soon).
     If you would like to try some of our new products you can find them at the online shop and if you would like to visit The Shabby Cottage you can get more information at their lovely website

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